The Art of Zarum


"Zarum has embarked on a journey of marrying his music with Videos. Some videos incorporate his artwork while others are deep and thought provoking; all meant to touch our emotions in one way or another."

WARNING: Viewers may find some images in this video disturbing.

This video, set to the original song 'Why Is It So', composed and performed by Zarum, captures the indiscrimnate damages of war to children and innocent civilians in conflicts from World War 2, Vietnam, Africa and thorugh to the bloody Civil War in Syria.

Song 'Flower Child' performed by and featuring the original art of Zarum.

A extraordinary and touching tribute to the memory of Elvis Presley;

his life, his music, his friends, his fans, and his family.

Listen carefully to the lyrics as each image of Elvis appears.

Set to an original song written and performed by ZARUM.

This song was also used in a video for the 2018 Oscars In Memoriam.

El Jinete is a song about a man who has lost the love of the woman he loved and wonders aimless on his horse with his guitar searching for death to end the pain. The song was recorded by Zarum with footage for the video of Zarum riding on the grounds of the Spanish Estate he lived in for 2 years during the creation of his FACES Series of paintings and statues.  Zarum has also painted a masterpeice influenced by the story and titled EL JINETE.

'Ella Ella',

(Ella is Spanish for 'She')

This is a story of a man who remembers the love he once had. She, now with another man, continues to be in his heart and mind after so many years.

He reflects back. He loved her madly and she left him scarred. The years

have passed and he has aged, though the scars remain fresh.

His life is near the end. Emptiness awaits him.

The love he wanted has slipped from his hands.

'Yo Sy Un Hombre Del Campo' is the title and also the name of the background song used in this video compilation of Zarum's years in Spain

and some of the Spanish influenced paintings her created while there.

Music arranged and performed by Zarum.

Yo Soy Un Hombre Del Campo is Spainish for 'I am a man of the field'.

The Zarum painting featured in the thumbnail of the video is called: 'Las lágrimas de una guerra civil'.  Translated into english it is 'Tears of the Civil War'. In this instance it refers the to Spanish Civil War of the 1930's.