The Art of Zarum


"Zarum has performed in many concert venues dating back to the mid 70's when he was a teenager touring Canada with his group. He has performed in Canada, The United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Venues include clubs, concert halls, and outdoor concert stages."

Zarum in Concert Video Highlights

Alicante, Spain

Sponsered by Harley Davidson

Zarum in Concert in Halls and Outdoor Venues

Zarum performing at a charity event held at the home of the

BEE GEES Robin Gibb in South Florida.

Pictured here with Barry Gibb (Maurice Gibb sitting with the hat)

Early photos of Zarum in concert with his group Sweetwater

Another early set of photos of a very young Zarum performing

A very young Zarum rehearsing in New York City

Zarum composing on the piano and guitar

Zarum singing around the lunch table with friends in Spain and performing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Zarum in Concert Video Highlights

St. Vicente, Spain