The Art of Zarum

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Sinful Interlude


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Sinful interlude wrapped in a glove

Tousled bedspread, you push, I'll shove

Like fermenting passion sealed in a keg

I can't stop the centrifuge in my head

She couldn't know it then

I didn't feel the same

I didn't know it then

She didn't know my name

Morning comes and you feel all right

But you don't even know if its day or its night

You feel like you've never felt before

And all you can think of is the sight of a door

What demon made you this way?

Was it something they did or something they said?

Sharp edges at the foot of your bed

Stepping off, tear your conscious to shreds

Sweet emotion dripping clean on the floor

What's the difference between a saint and a whore?

Pump my hate with desire

Stroke my tether with your fire

Your no rebel, you're not even cool

In the end she made you look like a fool