The Art of Zarum

Original Lyrics

Your Worst Dream 


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I said to my woman 

Looked her straight in the eye 

If you want to stay with me 

You better learn to cry 

Cause I’m going to love you 

Like no one before       

And then I’m gonna turn around 

And walk out the door 


‘Cause I’m your worst dream baby 

I’m your worst dream come true 

I’m someone you can’t get enough of 

And that’s what scares you 


I’ll worship your temple 

Turn your water to wine 

I’ll pick your sweet fruit 

Straight off of you vine 

I’ll squeeze out your juices 

‘Till your river runs dry 

And then I’ll throw you all the right lines 

There wont be a dry eye in the house 


If your gonna try a fast one 

You better think twice 

‘Cause I got your number baby 

So take my advice 

Start packing your bags now 

Board the midnight train 

‘Cause what I’ve got will hit you baby 

Ohh, like a hurricane 


‘Cause I’m your worst dream baby… 


Now I’ll tell you one more time 

So listen good 

Don’t come hanging ‘round 

My neighborhood 

Don’t let me catch you 

Up or down the street 

‘Cause I’m a one mean mother 

That you don’t want to meet 


‘Cause I’m your worst dream…